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Missoni and many more, she disclosed that her major accomplishment throughout her 20 year experience was having drake launch his collection and watch the collection sell out within few hours. She also stated that personal tastes shouldn’t influence the cloth being bought because the cloths depends on the costumers taste, while differentiating between the fashion taste and influences in London , Moscow and Russia according to their color tastes and weather differences, she pointed out that fashion buyers in Lagos should be determined , make deals with fashion designers and utilize opportunities. She also gave insights on how fashion designers can get their cloths into the international market, by saying that one needs to be unique, commercial, consistent and have a clear message. In terms of commercialization, finances, and African mentality, one of the spectators disapproved to fashion buying in Nigeria, stating that the lack of interest in African prints make the fashion buyers look for international brands. However, Rebecca explained commercialization in fashion buying and designing as a simplified design of a particular piece of collection that is cheaper and easier to wears.