Online shopping doesn’t have to be hard or painful, though a lot of companies often make it seem that way.  Ready to help you enjoy a wonderful shopping experience and products that are even better, Shine Like Diamond is here.

Founded in 2019, Shine Like Diamond comes from a place of comprehension and beauty.  That is, helping each woman understand that she deserves beautiful products that will offer her a glamour final effect to amaze all those who look at her — especially the one in the mirror.  Each one of our luxury products is going to help you remember that you are a beautiful woman who has something to offer the world each day.

When you can’t find your sunshine or sparkle, allow our products to do it for you.  We offer you radiance and sparkle through our Shine Like Diamond brand.  Combining both the grace of a butterfly and the sunshine, sparkling facets of a diamond, our products all focused on displaying that beauty for everyone to see.

Since diamonds are a woman’s best friend, and butterflies are all about color and beauty in a world of grey, why not use these as inspiration to create our line of products for every woman out there who needs a reminder?

We may seem like yet another cosmetics company that offers unique options and great prices.  But, to the modern woman who wants to sparkle, shine and develop her sense of personal style without compromise, Shine Like Diamond is all about promoting strength and beauty.

When you want to transform yourself into a beautiful graceful butterfly, rely on the right products to get you there.  Shine Like Diamond is ready to help with that color, modern design and just enough sparkle to make you feel on top of the world.  Glamorize the new you and be ready for the confidence it will bring.  Look at our exclusive collections now and get shopping.

Meet the founder and CEO of Shine Like Diamond

Toni Olayinka Isaac-Abiola (Queen of Diamonds and Butterflies!)

Meet the Shine like diamond beauties

We are here to glamorize the new you!

Shine Like Diamond brings out the best in you!


Our brand provides endless choices to accommodate our differences. We believe that everyone is unique and even though we share common experiences, we want you to always be your best self. We don’t just follow the trends. We create them. We all deserve a colorful and enchanting lifestyle, a life of fun and true self-expression.